90 Minutes In Heaven 123movies

Category: Drama

Release: 2015

Country: USA

Stars: Dwight Yoakam, Hudson Meek, Fred Dalton Thompson, Hayden Christensen, Kate Bosworth

Duration: 120 minutes

Director: Michael Polish

Votes: 7.5

Quality: HD

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A man was in a car crash and was in the car, without a pulse for an hour and a half, while EMT's and police waited for the coroner to pronounce him dead before he can be moved. A man comes along, who feels led to pray for the victim, gets in the car and starts to pray while singing praise songs. The 'dead' man starts singing along and EMT's confirm he now has a pulse. The victim fights his recovery, as he is angry that he was in heaven, only to have God bring him back in incredible pain.