Production: N/A

Foreman 123movies

Category: Documentary, Sport

Release: 2017

Country: USA

Stars: George Foreman Jr., Bob Arum, Jim Brown, George Foreman

Duration: 84 minutes

Director: Chris Perkel

Votes: 8.4

Quality: HD

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FOREMAN is the definitive feature documentary on legendary boxer and pitchman George Foreman. Framed around his improbable comeback| it begins with his journey from
"the Bloody Fifth" in Houston| one of the most violent and dangerous neighborhoods in America| to Olympic gold and the heavyweight championship. But a shocking
defeat in "the Rumble in the Jungle" at the hands of Muhammad Ali will change his life forever. Just 28 years old| George Foreman lays down his gloves| retires from
boxing| and becomes a preacher on the streets of Houston. For the next ten years| he doesn't so much as ball his fists| let alone step in the ring - So a decade
later| when George| now a minister| pushing 40| and tipping the scales at over 300 pounds| announces that he is not only returning to boxing but will once again
become heavyweight champion of the world| he is met with laughter. Thus begins the most unlikely comeback in the history of professional sports| an epic journey that
results in George| at...