Production: N/A

My Father's War 123movies

Category: War, Drama

Release: 2016

Country: South Africa

Stars: David Dukas, Erica Wessels, Meren Reddy, Richard Lukunku

Duration: 103 minutes

Director: Craig Gardner

Votes: 7

Quality: HD

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In this unique and riveting film, a troubled man has a series of dreams in which he finds himself thrown back to a time before his birth, into the Angolan Border War, as a combat soldier. There he meets his father as a young man, when he was a member of the Special Forces. As they go through combat together, the son gets to know his father in a way he never has, giving him insight and compassion, and he is able to let go of lifelong feelings of abandonment, resentment and anger. This leads to forgiveness and a real-life reconciliation, which drives home the underlying message of this film restoring the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers.