Production: Cinepix

Wedding In White 123movies

Category: Drama

Release: 1972

Country: Canada

Stars: Donald Pleasence, Carol Kane, Doris Petrie, Leo Phillips

Duration: 103 minutes

Director: William Fruet

Votes: 7.5

Quality: HD

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It's the early 1940s in small town Ontario. Sixteen year old Jeannie Dougall is slightly dim| naive and lacks any self-confidence| she immersing herself in the
romantic lives of characters she sees on the movie screen as witnessed by the pictures she has plastered on her bedroom wall. Anything that Jeannie tries that is new
or different is usually a result of being egged on by her more experienced best friend| Dolly| who flaunts her burgeoning sexuality. Jeannie lives with her working
class parents| Jim and Mary Dougall| Scottish immigrants who live by their conservative and religious beliefs. Jim is a member of the Honor Guard| and has a view
that anyone who wears a uniform in service to the country| such as his and Mary's son Jimmie Dougall| is to be admired regardless. Jimmie's non-battle service in
Canada is in munitions requisitions. One day| Jeannie announces to her mother that she believes she's pregnant from what was her only sexual encounter to date: being
raped by Jimmie's ...